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Passive Recharge Private Limited, A Company Incorporated Under The Companies Act, 1956 And Having Its Registered Office In Lakhani, Hereinafter Referred To As "The Company“.

  • The Company Is Inter-Alia Into The Business Of Direct Selling Of Various Services & Products Such As Recharge, Travel, Banking Money Remittance. The Company Exclusively Uses Website To Display The Details Of The Products, Marketing Methods, Business Monitoring, While Uses The Word Of Mouth Publicity To Promote And Create Awareness About The Company And Its Products.
  • The Company Does Appoint Freelance Distributors Across The Country For Marketing And Sales Of Services & Products. Such Distributorship Is Granted Privilege To The Consumer Of Its Products. Interested Individuals / Body Corporate Need To Purchase The Products, Upon Their Satisfaction With The Quality And Services They May Solicit To Become A Freelance Distributor Of The Company, If They Wish To By Applying For The Same In The Prescribed Form.
  • Before Filling The Application Form, The Intending Distributor Is Advised To Go Through The Terms And Conditions Mentioned Herein Below Thoroughly Along With Those Mentioned In The Official Website Of The Company During Placing An Online Order And Subject To Such Terms And Conditions Shall Append Their Signature In The Column Provided As A Token Of Their Acceptance Of The Terms And Conditions Mentioned Therein.
  • I. Definitions
  • Company - Means Passive Recharge Private Limited, Having Its Corporate Office At Lakhani (Gujarat).
  • Consumer - Consumer Means And Include Individuals / Body Corporate (Including Partnership Firms) Who Purchases Services & Products From Passive Recharge Private Limited.
  • Independent Distributor - Independent Distributor Is The Individual Or Company / Partner Ship Firm, Proprietary Concern) Who Is Competent Enough To Enter Into Contract As Per The Indian Contract Act Provided, Such Interested Person Has Purchased Products From The Company And Solicit To Participate In Business Opportunity.
  • He - Shall Mean And Include Male, Female, Body Corporate, Partnership Firm Who Applies For The Distributorship Of The Company.
  • Service & Product - Shall Mean And Include All The Service & Products Marketed By The Company From Time To Time.
  • Manufacturer - Means And Include Manufacturers Of The Products Marketed And Sold By The Company From Time To Time.
  • Facilitation Fee - Facilitation Fee Is The Amount/Benefit An Independent Distributor May Earn By Marketing/Referring The Services & Products Of Passive Recharge Private Limited.
  • Unique Id - Means Unique Identification Number Issued By The Company To The Consumer / Independent Distributor And Is Issued To Independent Distributor As A Token Of Acceptance Of His Application Seeking For Distributorship For The Products Of The Company.
  • Password - Password Means, A Key Code Allotted To Each Of The Consumer / Independent Distributor To Allow Them To Log On To The Website Of The Company.
  • Transaction Password – Transaction Password Means, A Key Code Allotted To Each Of The Consumer / Independent Distributor To Allow Them To Access Secured Area Of Login Page Of Company Website.
  • Website - Means Website Of The Company Www.Passiverecharge.Com/ Or Any Official Website Communicated Through Official Communication Channels Of The Company.
  • Ii. The Appointment And Understanding
  • The Company Upon Scrutiny And Verification Of The Application May Consider The Applicant As An "Independent Distributor” For The Products Marketed By The Company.
  • Independent Distributor Shall Enjoy The Following Privileges After Such Recognition.
  • No Territorial Restriction To Market The Services & Products, But Limited To India.
  • Company Shall Maintain Sales Account Of The Independent Distributor And Shall Be Made Available For Inspection Through Their Website.
  • A Unique Id, Password & Transaction Password Shall Be Awarded To Facilitate Verification Of Their Respective Business Account.
  • There Shall Be No Specific Targets; However Earnings Shall Be In Proportion To The Volume Of Sales Done By The Independent Distributor By Self Or Through Team As Stipulated.
  • Distributorship May Be Awarded As A Privileged Consumer With No Deposit And Other Conditions.
  • Retailer Code And Distributorship Is Awarded Without Any Commitment/Or Promise From The Company In Terms Of Possible Earning Potentials.
  • The Independent Distributor, Upon Appending His Signature At The Bottom Of These Presents And Confirming Through Online In The Company’s Official Website, Shall Be Deemed To Have Accepted The Distributorship As Independent Consumer And Hereby Covenants As Under;
  • That He Has Clearly Understood The Business Opportunity, Marketing Program, The Compensation Plan, Its Limitations And Conditions And, He Is Not Relying Upon Any Representation Or Promises That

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